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Derbyshire Peaks and Dales Walks

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Hiking Trips List

Kent-Snowshoeing in Kent! 3 Dec 2010
Snowdonia - Snowdonia Autumn Oct 2010
Snowdonia - Snowdon in winter Mar 2010
Snowdonia - Snowdon in winter Feb 2010
Snowdonia - The Moelwyns in winter Dec09/Jan10
White Cliffs of Dover Oct09
Snowdonia - The Moelwyns Oct09
Snowdonia - Cnicht, Bedd' and Carneddau Aug09
Brecon Beacons - Pen y Fan horseshoe April 09
Snowdonia - Lliwedd and Carneddau April 09
Snowdonia - Snowdon in winter Mar 09
Snowdonia - Moelwyn Snowdon Carneddau Feb 09
Snowdonia - Snowdon twice, sev cold Dec 08/Jan09
Snowdonia - Snowdon twice, snow Dec 2008
Snowdonia - Snowdon plus others Nov 2008
Snowdonia - Hebog & Eilio, snow Oct 2008
Snowdonia - Snowdon & Carneddau Sept 2008
Snowdonia - Snowdon Aug 2008
River Thames Path walk June 2008
UK Surrey Hills and Kent sunsets Feb 2008
Bavarian Alps Feb 2007
Bavarian Alps Oct 2006
Bavarian Alps June 2006
Harz snowshoe trip March 2006
Bavarian Voralpen: Mangfallgebirge Feb 2006
Wetterstein and Ammergebirge Jan 2006
Wetterstein and Ammergebirge Oct 2005
Bavarian Voralpen: Mangfallgebirge Sept 2005
Bavarian Alps: AmmergebirgeJune 2005
Bavarian Voralpen: Mangfallgebirge May 2005
Harz National Park March 2005
Bayrischzell AreaMarch 2005
Garmisch-PartenkirchenJan 2005
Garmisch-PartenkirchenNov 2004
Harz National ParkOct 2004
MittenwaldOct 2004
Hersbrucker AlbSept 2004
Harz National ParkAug 2004

UK Summit List

Black Tor   19 Sept 2008 538mPeak District
Carnedd Llewellyn   16/08/09 1064mCarneddau
Carnedd Llewellyn   5/04/09 1064mCarneddau
Carnedd Llewellyn   29/12/08 1064mCarneddau
Carnedd Llewellyn   15/09/08 1064mCarneddau
Carnedd Dafydd 1044mCarneddau
Carnedd y Ddelw 668mCarneddau
Carnedd v Cribau 591mMoelwyns
Chrome Hill   28 Oct 2009 452mPeak District
Cnicht  3 October 2009 689mMoelwyns
Cnicht  14 Aug 2009 689mMoelwyns
Cnicht North Top  14 Aug 2009 686mMoelwyns
Cnicht  31 Dec 2008 689mMoelwyns
Cnicht North Top  31 Dec 2008 686mMoelwyns
Corn Ddu 873mBrecon Beacons
Craig Eigiau  5 April 2009 735mCarneddau
Craig Eigiau  16 Feb 2009 735mCarneddau
Creigiau Gleision 678mCarneddau
Creigiau Gleision N Top 634mCarneddau
Cribyn 795mBrecon Beacons
Drum 770mCarneddau
Foel-fras 942mCarneddau
Foel Grach 976mCarneddau
Foel Goch 605mSnowdonia
Foel Gron 629mSnowdonia
Garnedd Ugain  6/3/09 1065mSnowdonia
Garnedd Ugain  5/1/091065m Snowdonia
Garnedd Ugain  14/09/08 1065mSnowdonia
Garnedd Uchaf 926mCarneddau
Kinder  Crowden Clough 11/2/10 619mPeak District
Kinder  Gr'dsbrook Clough, (R) 10/2/10 619mPeak District
Kinder  Grindsbrook Clough 29/10/09 619mPeak District
Kinder  Ringing Roger 17/09/08 619mPeak District
Lose Hill   18 Sept 2008 476mPeak District
Mam Tor   18 Sept 2008 517mPeak District
Moel Cynghorion 674mSnowdonia
Moel Eilio 726mSnowdonia
Moel Hebog 782mSnowdonia
Moel Lefn 638mSnowdonia
Moel Meirch 607mMoelwyns
Moel Siabod 872mMoelwyns
Moelwyn Bach  27 December 2009 710mMoelwyns
Moelwyn Bach  5 October 2009 710mMoelwyns
Moelwyn Mawr  18/2/2010 770mMoelwyns
Moelwyn Mawr  4/10/09 770mMoelwyns
Moelwyn Mawr N R Top  26/12/09 646mMoelwyns
Moelwyn Mawr N R Top  3/1/10 646mMoelwyns
Moel y Dyniewyd  29/12/09382mMoelwyns
Moel y Dyniewyd  7/12/08382mMoelwyns
Moel-yr-Hydd 648mMoelwyns
Moel Yr Ogof 655mSnowdonia
Mynydd Sygyn  17 Feb 2010 300mMoelwyns
Mynydd Sygyn  1 January 2010 300mMoelwyns
Mynydd Sygyn  24 December 2009 300mMoelwyns
Mynydd Sygyn  2 October 2009 300mMoelwyns
Mynydd Sygyn  15 August 2009 300mMoelwyns
Mynydd Sygyn  4 April 2009 300mMoelwyns
Mynydd Sygyn  9 Mar 2009 300mMoelwyns
Mynydd Sygyn  11 Feb 2009300m Moelwyns
Mynydd Sygyn  25 Dec 2008300m Moelwyns
Mynydd Sygyn  24 Dec 2008300m Moelwyns
Mynydd Sygyn  7 Dec 2008300m Moelwyns
Mynydd Sygyn  15 Nov 2008 300m Moelwyns
Parkhouse Hill   28 Oct 2009 360mPeak District
Pen yr Helgi Du   5 Apl 2009 833mCarneddau
Pen Llithrig y Wrach   5 Apl 09 799mCarneddau
Pen y Fan 886mBrecon Beacons
Pen Yr Ole Wen 978mCarneddau
Penywaun-wen   16/08/09 mCarneddau
Penywaun-wen   5/04/09 mCarneddau
Snowdon  Rangers Path 22/2/2010 1085mSnowdonia
Snowdon  PYG Track 20/2/2010 1085mSnowdonia
Snowdon  PYG Track 8/3/09 1085mSnowdonia
Snowdon  Rangers Path 6/3/09 1085mSnowdonia
Snowdon  Rangers Path 14/2/09 1085mSnowdonia
Snowdon  Llanberis Path 5/1/091085m Snowdonia
Snowdon  Miners Track 26/12/081085m Snowdonia
Snowdon  PYG Track 9/12/081085m Snowdonia
Snowdon  South Ridge 6/12/081085m Snowdonia
Snowdon  Watkin path 16/11/081085mSnowdonia
Snowdon  Rhyd Ddu path 14/9/081085mSnowdonia
Snowdon  Rangers Path 18/8/081085m Snowdonia
Tal y Fan 610mCarneddau
Winhill  27Jan 2010 463mPeak District
Winhill  18 Dec 2008 463mPeak District
y Cribau 508mMoelwyns
Y Lliwedd  3 April 2009 898mSnowdonia
Ysgafell Wen            12 Feb 2009 672mMoelwyns
Ysgafell Wen N Top     12 Feb 2009 669mMoelwyns
Ysgafell Wen F N Top  31 Dec 2008 650mMoelwyns

German Summit List

Auracher Köpferl1231m Mangfallgebirge
Bernadeinspitze  October 20052143mWettersteingebirge
Bernadeinspitze  June 20062143mWettersteingebirge
Bodenschneid 1668mMangfallgebirge
Brecherspitz 1685mMangfallgebirge
Brocken from Schierke1142mHarz
Brocken  from Illsenburg1142mHarz
Brocken  winter1142mHarz
Brünstlkreuz 1734mAmmergebirge
Buchrain winter 1456mEstergebirge
Eckbauer winter 1237mWettersteingebirge
Eckenberg1745m Estergebirge
Erdbeerkopf  winter snowshoes848mHarz
Grosser Aufacher1542mAmmergerbirge
Hausberg winter 2006 1340mWettersteingebirge
Hausberg winter 2007 1340mWettersteingebirge
Hoher Fricken 1940mEstergebirge
Hoher Kranzberg winter 1391mWettersteingebirge
Huberspitz  winter 1052mMangfallgebirge
Kleiner Aufacher1531mAmmergerbirge
Kreuzeck winter 2006 1650mWettersteingebirge
Kreuzeck winter 2007 1650mWettersteingebirge
Kreuzjoch 1719mWettersteingebirge
Laberjoch 1686mAmmergebirge
Mittleres-Hörnle winter 1496m Ammergebirge
Notkarspitze1889m Ammergebirge
Ochsensitz  June 20051515m Ammergebirge
Ochsensitz  June 20061515m Ammergebirge
Osterfelderkopf  October 20052050m Wettersteingebirge
Osterfelderkopf  June 20062050mWettersteingebirge
Rainer Berg  winter 1170mMangfallgebirge
Rainerkopf1465m Mangfallgebirge
Rauheck winter 1590mEstergebirge
Rauhkopf  winter, snowshoes 1689mMangfallgebirge
Renneckenb'g winter snowshoes933mHarz
Rosskopf  winter1580mMangfallgebirge
Rosswank1668m Estergebirge
Scharfkopf  Farchant1380mAmmergebirge
Schwarzenkopf  October 20051819mWettersteingebirge
Schwarzenkopf  June 20061819mWettersteingebirge
Stumpfling  winter 1506mMangfallgebirge
Sudelfeldkopf  winter1436mMangfallgebirge
Tanzeck  winter-1, snowshoes 1701mMangfallgebirge
Tanzeck  winter-2, snowshoes 1701mMangfallgebirge
Taubenstein  winter 1506mMangfallgebirge
Vogelsang  winter1563mMangfallgebirge
Vorderes-Hörnle winter1484m Ammergebirge
Waldkopf  winter1256mMangfallgebirge
Wank1780m Estergebirge
Wank winter 1780mEstergebirge
Ziegelspitz  June 20051719mAmmergebirge
Ziegelspitz  June 20061719mAmmergebirge

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Bryan Benn I started hiking again in 2004: and with my love of Germany decided to see if I could manage to hike up into the Bavarian mountains. And I could! Since losing my lovely wife I find it hard to contemplate returning to Germany, but thanks to contacts in the Ramblers Association Discussion Forum I have discovered UK hill walking! Snowdonia and the Derbyshire Peaks and Dales to be precise. Now well into 2009 I am surprised at what I have achieved, and have hopes for many more summits in Wales and Derbyshire and many more walks in the lovely Derbyshire Dales. I walk "4 Seasons", but with lower activity in the summer. My main walking season is from September through to April/May. All of my hiking trips are arranged in "trip order" on this site, as this web log, (blog), is primarily my record of each trip. But there is also a summit list on the Index page for anyone who wants those.

I thank those visitors who have E Mailed me about this web site.

My other main, (and very long term), hobby is Steam Railway Locomotives: So please visit my germansteam.info web site if that subject interests you as well. Bryan Benn, England, November 2009

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Key to Route Descriptions

Explanation of how the details within each hike's text table are arrived at.

Start and Finish   The locations from where the hike started and ended. The altitudes from the appropriate contour line or printed height from the relevant Topographische Kart 1:25000, Bayersisches Landesvermessungsamt München map.

Round distance in kms   A very broad estimate of total distance walked including any "excursions". Even using the 1:25000 maps. Frequent zig zags, height gains and undulations are the main problems in getting full accuracy here.

Vertical altitude gain   Not the height difference between starting and highest points, but an estimate from the detailed maps of the total metres ascended including all significant undulations and "excursions" off the route.

Total time from start to finish   Time from start point to finish point. My ascent rate is still slow, but getting above 300 metres per hour now, (Summer 2006), so many other people would complete the hikes quicker. I often have no stop lasting longer than a few minutes, but picnic stops and visits to huttes will be mentioned in the text.

Weather   A broad description of the weather conditions during the hike. Temperatures from the nearest weather recording site that I can find, (done on my return to England), or from local TV reports.

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